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Top 10 Catering Services

Top 10 Services


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Want to know the Top 10 Services Requested by Houston’s Top Catering Service?  Your wish is our command.  We are HoustonCateringCompany.com, a quick catering department of the best caterer in the world, Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  We provide Hundreds of different catering services to our clients in Houston and worldwide.  Below, we have compiled a short list of our most common services.  Please contact us for further details or to book now.

The company caters from small intimate parties to large events for more than 10,000 people, including open houses, conventions, fund-raising events, banquets and weddings. In addition to extraordinary food services, HoustonCateringCompany.com of Bennie Ferrell Catering also specializes in theme parties, handling many other arrangements including entertainment, props, decorations, flowers, etc., for its clients.

Houston Top Ten Catering Services:

Extravagant & Affordable Weddings

Corporate Functions

Houston Catering Contractor


Fund-Raising Events

Houston Banquet Catering

International Functions

Wine and Cheese Social Events

Government Function Catering

Open Houses

Some of the other services provided are:

New Light Show Services Available

Floral Arrangements

Music / Bands

Wedding Cakes

Beverage Services

Ice Sculptures

Transportation/Limousine Service

Disaster Relief Catering

Valet Parking Services

HoustonCateringCompany &

Bennie Ferrell Self-Help Catering Products- We provide you with the food


HoustonCateringCompany.com & Bennie Ferrell Catering is known for its professional staff and service, as well as an overriding customer orientation, the company provides top-notch variety of gourmet and international cuisines. "So let us take care of the details so you can be a guest at your own party."


Top Ten Services


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