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Lee Brown Top American

The Special Global Leader Award 2011
by Kevin Ferrell Wright of Houston Catering Company.com

The 2011 Special Global Leader Award goes to: Dr. Lee Brown,   Dr. Brown is Former Mayor of the City of Houston, Currently  he heads a Major International to Local Consulting Firm known as Brown Group International (BGI).  Their Website is bgi-intl.com.   

Visit this great Houston Chronicle Website Article for more info on Dr. Brown by clicking on the following link from Chron.com: http://blog.chron.com/txpotomac/2009/06/where-are-they-now-lee-p-brown/

I had lunch with the Mayor a while back ago and he is still full of wisdom looking healthy and great.  I told him that many people, especially myself, want him to run for Governor Of Texas.  Imagine that .. Dr. Lee P. Brown, Governor of Texas...but at least at the time, he didn't seem interested in Running for Governor of Texas, maybe one of his family members might consider it if he doesn't, but he would make an excellent Texas Governor... To this day, I think he would win if he decided to run for a term or two.  He is a businessman that gets things done for people, and I am surprised that Barrack Obama hasn't asked him to do some work for him, but perhaps he has, I'm not sure :).  I have known Mayor Brown since I was 5 years old when he was the Police Chief of Houston.  It's a pretty cool concept to know that you can now possibly hire a consulting firm run by a former Houston Mayor to coordinate things from disaster relief, to Oil & Gas operations.
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We've had some good Mayors in the City of Houston, like Mayor Bob Lanier and Bill White, many of which I've had an opportunity to meet through my family's big old fancy catering company.  I am still watching Mayor Denise Parker, she definitely has skills, but I want to see what more she will do for minorities and poor people (like Bill White & Bob Linier did).  I will say that she makes good points, and stands up for the voters on many important issues even when she is strongly challenged; one must feel some type of political admiration for that fact she holds.  

However I think Mayor Lee Brown has had the biggest impact on Houston throughout his career out of all the Mayors because of things that he did for Houston like: Cleaning Up the Crime, Bringing a BIG JOB BOOM to Houston via things like coordinating multiple stadium building operations for Houston, upgrading emergency systems, majorly impacting the Houston homeless community, and almost bringing us the Olympic Games just to name a few.  I'm not saying that all the Mayors and Police Chiefs after Mr. Brown have since been gliding on the coat tales of his intellectual leadership, business & political genius; I'm just saying, I think Lee Brown was possibly the Best Mayor in the History of Houston Texas, and I would like to see more recognition of this fact while at the same time continue to use his ideas for Houston's Future. 

Call Brown Group international at 832-366-1584 or email at:
info@bgi-intl.com and use their unique services to satisfy your local and international project needs.   


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