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Thanks for visiting our Bennie Ferrell Archives page on the HoustonCateringCompany.com website by Kevin Ferrell Wright.  This archive page is special and unique as it is designed to share with our customers some of our old archive images and pictures, announcements, information, articles, expired promotions, some customer past events, family information or any other information that we want to share with the public.  Contact us for more information on our current catering deals or for any other inquiries.

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---------------------------Bennie Ferrell Catering Archives Listed Below-------------------------------

1920's- 1940’s Papa- Proud Black Navy Chef, Dempsey Parhms, we consider him the God Father of Houston Foods, a River Oaks, 3rd ward Legend, Norma Parhms Ferrell’s Father, Bennie Ferrell’s Father-in-law.

1948- Papa’s Daughter Norma Parhms Married Bennie Ferrell, she encouraged him to expand into the same business as her dad Papa!

The 1950’s Salvo of Bennie Ferrell & Norma Parhms Ferrell began as River Oaks Caterer.  Papa Helped!  The 1960’s was a Big Boom Period for Bennie Ferrell Catering.  President Lyndon B. Johnson Meets Bennie Ferrell and Norma Ferrell during that time and had a good friend ship with Papa as well.

1970’s The 70’s Kept Rolling in the Good Times for Bennie Ferrell Catering,

1979-  Bennie Ferrell,  The King of Catering Dies, First black Houston King Pin of Catering goes to Heaven.  The Catering Czar lives on through Norma Ferrell (who was always running things anyway lol..).  His wish was to set up one of his daughters Cynthia Ferrell to take over and run the business.  Chef Cynthia Ferrell finished as a graduate of The University of Houston Culinary School of Hotel & Restaurant Management, which was part of the business school back then.  Celebrity Chef Cynthia is very thankful that her dad Bennie Ferrell Left the Business to her & her mom Norma to do many great things and make positive impacts on the lives of many. 

1980’s Chef Cynthia and Norma Hold Down the Business.  Norma Ferrell Begins Retirement Plans and starts  Oversees Missionary Projects and Chef Cynthia Ferrell Continues the position of President and Co-Owner standing strong by Norma’s side and bringing her worldwide unique culinary production skills to the table.    Norma Ferrell instructed her daughter Chef Cynthia to send over the kids to the Missionary camp in Amatitlán Guatemala, and later to visit the well to do Pacheco Family in Guatemala City.  Cynthia Sends the Kids Kevin Ferrell Wright and big brother Jason Wright to school in Guatemala to see how poor and rich people live.  It changed their lives forever, especially Kevin, who had a tougher time in school at a younger age.

In the Mid 1980’s Renee Enters the Business after working in years of Media to help Cynthia and Norma.  She also helps raise Jason and Kevin.  She now holds the title of Vice President of Sales and Co-Owner next to owner and President Chef Cynthia.


In early 1990’s Norma Ferrell Retires from the Business during Good Times in the Mid 90’s and continued to travel the world with her missionary style she gained as a catholic school girl and then a longtime member of the Christian non-denominational Lakewood Church with good friends Pastor John Osteen and Doddie Osteen, oh did Norma Love Doddie.  Cynthia leads the business with VP Renee by her side as they take over the Houston Catering Business for good with Norma’s blessing and watchful eye.  Two of Bennie Ferrell's Grandsons Jason & Kevin also have been involved with the catering company at this point. 


2000’s Kevin Ferrell Wright, Son of Cynthia and Brother of Jason Wright begins the catering master plan while at Drake University in Des Moines Iowa.  He got connected with corporate internships at the NFL, Turner Network Sales, and Channel 2 in Houston.  Thanks to Aunt DeDe Ferrell Lea, a Lovely Lawyer Legend in Washington D.C..  Jason helped as well in business operations.  Client List grows.

2009- Norma Ferrell Goes to Heaven and is honored with a U.S. congressional award.  Kevin Ferrell Wright’s best friend and role model dies.  The entire family morns as the legend Continues.

2010’s Chef Cynthia Ferrell and Renee Ferrell, with help from Kevin and Jason carry on the family Legacy with much more to come.





Kevin Entertaining the Guest at one of Chef Cynthia's Anniversary Parties..

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