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This page allows customers to read information about various media or catering press releases done on HoustonCateringCompany.com and Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  Bennie Ferrell decides on which media and press information to provide on its website.  For more information on or company or to book your next event please call 713-550-7774 or sales@houstoncateringcompany.com


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B4-U-Eat Reviews:

1. MY REVIEW: Bennie Ferrell Catering was a pleasure to work with. I used them for an event for 550 people, with a very tight budget. They managed to come up with a wonderful menu. Everything tastes homemade. Their friendly and laid back style really made the whole experience virtually stress-free. They are full-service, offering advice and help throughout the planning process. The party was a huge success! They even managed to please some very tough critics. I would highly recommend you use Bennie Ferrell catering for your next event!

NAME: Lauren Keller
SUBMITTED: 1/8/2007   LAST VISIT WAS: December, 2006
FREQUENCY: Visited once


2. MY REVIEW: I am an event coordinator/planner and I have used Bennie Ferrell Catering on many occasions. I have to say that this company lives up to its word. They are fabulous! Then are always going above and beyond, the food and presentation are the Best!! I will always use this company, and my brides and corporate clients were happy and satisfied every time. I am a top planner here in Houston and I like Bennie Ferrell

SUBMITTED: 6/26/2006   LAST VISIT WAS: 06/26/2005
FREQUENCY: Visited once


3. MY REVIEW: First of all I must say, everyone in Houston knows that Bennie Ferrell Catering is one of the top and most well respected caterers in Houston and has been for longer than any other catering company in Houston; thus any attempt to defame them with bogus sounding comments and anonymous fake names lacks both credibility and ethics. The few unfavorable reviews that look to be connected are not legit because they do not have a real names assigned to them, which is the oldest trick in the book. I’ve seen this before on different websites, many times involving competitors, thus I would encourage all users of this site to contact Bennie Ferrell and see their great service to judge for themselves as opposed to reading misinformed and flat out wrong information. You don’t get to do multiple exclusive events for United States Presidents, International Officials, Governors, weddings and common citizens for almost 50 years for nothing. This company is not fly by night like many others you may find these days. They have great food, great facility connections and wonderful staff.

Bennie Ferrell Catering has been used by countless corporations in Houston and the surrounding areas including companies that I’ve worked for during my professional career. They are also widely known for their superb catering services and FOOD, I’ve rarely seen better service since my many years of attending 5 star events. My Company in the Oil and Gas industry had a function and we had Bennie Ferrell Catering cater the event. Everything was on time and the food was lovely. I have seen and heard about this catering company for many years and this was another chance for me to see why Bennie Ferrell Catering Company is the most recommended catering company in Houston. I will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them. Thanks for allowing me to be a guest at my own party. My colleagues are still talking about how good the food and service was. Thanks, you'll have to do my wedding. Keep up the great contributions you make to Houston Bennie Ferrell.

NAME: Rob Maxwell
SUBMITTED: 4/17/2006   LAST VISIT WAS: Jan 06
FREQUENCY: Visited once


4. MY REVIEW: Best Caterer in Houston! I had my wedding at P*araiso Maravilla and chose Bennie Ferrell Catering. My wedding and reception were a dream come true. The sales person was very helpful and helped me choose a wonderful menu and helped me stay within my budget. I got lots of compliments on the food, service and whole ambience at Paraiso. Bennie Ferrell Catering even gave me an ice sculpture free. Bennie Ferrell was highly recommended by Paraiso Maravilla and I am glad I chose them. I highly recommend Bennie Ferrell Catering to anyone looking for a caterer.

NAME: Stacy Stedman
SUBMITTED: 4/15/2006   LAST VISIT WAS: 11/05
FREQUENCY: Visited once


Houston Loses Catering Giant- StyleMagazine.com

Submitted by Style News Wire on Friday, 27 February 2009

Norma Ferrell Norma Parhms Ferrell


Norma L. Parhms Ferrell, matriarch to nationally and internationally recognized catering company, Bennie Ferrell Catering, recently passed. The beautiful Norma Lee was born on March 29, 1930 in Pineville, Louisiana to Dempsey and Doretha Parhms.  She graduated salutatorian in 1948 from Jack Yates High School in Houston and attended Texas Southern University and the University of Houston.  Norma was also a graduate of Lakewood Bible Institute.

In 1948, Norma married Bennie Ferrell and eleven years later, with the support and encouragement of her father, a lead chef for special events for former President Lyndon Baines Johnson, they formed Bennie Ferrell Catering.  Today it is still one of Houston’s most recognized and prestigious catering company’s.

Norma Lee Parhms Ferrell lived a beautiful life and was known for her unselfish behavior and giving heart serving her fellowman, giving freely of all of her talents, including her loving service as a missionary in Mexico, Guatamala, China and Africa. Mrs. Ferrell served as Vice President of the Houston Restaurant Association; Chairman, Martin Luther King Foundation Board; and member of the TK Socialites.

Through her leadership and vision, Bennie Ferrell Catering prospered greatly, cater ring to some of the worlds most influential leaders which has included former President George H. Bush and his family, Secretary of State James Baker, the late King Hussein of Jordan, the former Queen of Spain, other local and international dignitaries, congressmen, and governors, the 1990 Economic Summit, the 1992 Republican Convention the NBA All Stars and the 2004 Super Bowl.   Bennie Ferrell Catering has also been featured in many national publications including the New York Times, Essence Magazine and Black Enterprise.

Norma leaves to cherish her memories, Bennie Ferrell, Jr., Wesley Wayne (deceased), Peggy Renee Ferrell Sharp, Cynthia Ferrell Sample, Marla Ferrell Boyd, and Doretha “DeDe” Ferrell Lea and 12 grandchildren:
She fought a good fight; She finished her course. She kept the faith. II Timothy 4:7.  Her life will be celebrated at 11 AM Saturday, February 28th at Brookhollow Baptist Church, 5725 Queenston Blvd. She will be resting in the Rose Chapel of Mabrie Memorial Mortuary Thursday, February 26th, from 1 to 8 PM. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to Kingdom Builder’s Fellowship (Tom’s Shoe Project which provides shoes for barefoot children in Africa), 1023 Pinemont, Houston, Tx 77018, (713)688-2900 or visit www.cofempowers.org


Friday, June 9, 2000

From part of a Houston Business Journal Article


Renee Ferrell, vice president of Bennie Ferrell Catering, Houston's fourth-largest catering company, says the Vallone-Flowers deal is indicative of a trend in the industry toward catering companies offering turnkey services to clients.

"You're seeing a lot of catering companies hooking up with special event companies now," says Ferrell, whose father and mother founded Bennie Ferrell Catering 41 years ago and eventually branched out to include event planning. "Events have become so much like productions now that it helps in pulling the pieces together to have everything under one roof."


Friday, December 15, 2006

From part of a Houston Business Journal Article



The local hospitality industry is stuffing its stockings with green as corporate clients celebrate with bigger party budgets this year.

Officials at many event firms that cater to businesses say that this holiday party season has been the best in decades.

"It reminds me of the 1970s when Houston was like the Wild, Wild West and every party had a ton of shrimp and an open, full bar," says Cynthia Ferrell of Bennie Ferrell Catering. "We're going nonstop with the best food and drinks we can find this year."

Ferrell says companies are sparing no expense, whether it be with top-of-the-line food or longer guest lists.

She says elaborate ice sculptures, prime cuts of beef and full bars have been popular choices this December.

Ferrell, whose catering company has been operating in Houston for 48 years, expects to bring in nearly $500,000 this month, which is up 50 percent from last December's earnings.

In addition to annual holiday parties, Ferrell points out that more building managers are throwing parties for office-building tenants, a tradition she says was cut out of many budgets during leaner economic times.

So far this month, Ferrell has catered tenant parties for 1,700 people, 1,500 people and 700 people.

"There's definitely been a resurgence in big, decadent parties," Ferrell says. "Businesses are putting more of an emphasis on wooing and keeping their employees."

Read more: Booming economy leads to holiday-party fever - Houston Business Journal:


November 19th, 2009 at 3:36 AM

From Culturemap.com Article







It's a golden time for Bennie Ferrell Catering

By Carol Rust

November 19th, 2009 at 3:36 AM

Disaster loomed. The caterer responsible for an upcoming party for 1,000 guests from a bankers’ convention had simply vanished – just days before the gathering.

No grand hotels with banquet service existed in Houston in 1959. The distraught River Oaks family turned to Bennie Ferrell, a chauffeur and gardener by day whose weekend bartending talents at private parties had earned him a stellar reputation. Could he do it?

Ferrell and his wife, Norma Lee Parhms Ferrell, talked to friends and pulled together a staff. The cooking naturally fell to Norma, whose father, Dempsey Parhms, was the private chef for oil tycoon Wesley West for 30 years. The party went off without a hitch, and Bennie Ferrell Catering was born.

The mom-and-pop business would go on to cater dinners for presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and George H. W. Bush, not to mention King Hussein of Jordan, Secretary of State James Baker, Dr. Denton Cooley, and events at the 1990 Economic Summit, the 2004 Super Bowl and the 2006 NBA All-Stars.

Two of their daughters, Cynthia Ferrell Sample and Renee Ferrell Sharpe, celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary Thursday with a bash at their West Loop office. They will serve the company’s signature dishes: beef tenderloin, marinated shrimp and homemade tamales. The daughters were enlisted to help in the business in their early teens; Cynthia is the company’s executive chef; Renee handles the business side.

After that first party, Norma Ferrell instantly found herself in the catering business.

“She was doing everything, booking, cooking and serving,” Renee says. “The phone was ringing off the wall. Mom told my father, ‘You’ve got to quit that job and come and help.’”

Reluctantly, Bennie quit his $35-a-week job.

What they didn’t know, they learned on the fly. Bennie nonchalantly agreed to prepare a beef tenderloin for a party early in his catering career. As soon as he was in private, he phoned Norma and asked her how to cook it.

“She told him to marinate the meat in salt and pepper, then bake it at a certain temperature for 20 minutes,” Cynthia recalls.

Being a country boy from Mexia, Bennie had never heard the word “marinate” and thought his wife said “mayonnaise.” So he slathered the meat with mayo, salt and pepper – and everyone loved it. 

"In fact,” says Cynthia, “that’s where his reputation as a great meat seasoner was born.”

Connections helped the business along. Throughout his career, Norma’s father prepared food for West, whose best friend was President Johnson. Through Norma and her father, Bennie Ferrell Catering was a natural shoe-in for later events at LBJ’s and Lady Bird’s ranch west of Johnson City.

They catered events for the elder Bush before he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1966 and later, at parties Bush sponsored for foreign dignitaries as United Nations ambassador and chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China. Queen Sophia of Spain attended one such party during the early 1970s and enjoyed the Ferrells’ marinated shrimp – so much that she asked Bennie for the recipe. He refused. (But on this golden anniversary, his daughters have agreed to reveal it. See the full recipe at the end of this article.)

Just after Bush was elected president in 1988, Cynthia and Renee were given three days to pull together a dinner at NASA for Bush and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, complete with flowers, crystal, Oriental carpet and Chippendale furniture.

Cynthia created a chocolate truffle, coated with edible 24-karat gold, to cap the six-course lunch. The box of 1¼-oz., 225-calorie orbs set off the Secret Service’s highly sensitive metal detector when an employee tried to bring it in the building, and the incident made it into USA Today.

Today, the Golden Chocolate Truffle is the most requested item on the Bennie Ferrell Catering menu.

When Bennie and Norma started their business in 1959, the catering industry was in its infancy. Most people entertained in their homes and their private chefs provided the food. Insurance companies grew tired of paying for chipped china, so rental companies sprang up in the 1970s. Parties and banquets moved to the office buildings that were beginning to dot Houston’s skyline.

Bennie Ferrells flourished in the ‘80s, when “everything was over the top,” Cynthia says. They catered a huge sit-down dinner for Saudi oilmen during that time that stretched into the night and drained the Ferrell’s supply of champagne.

One of their staffers passed by the head table, where the man giving the party dramatically requested, “Champagne for all my guests.”

“You couldn’t tell him, in front of all those people, that he didn’t have anymore,” Cynthia said. So the sisters put their heads together and, not long after, staffers began filling flutes from champagne bottles. The guests probably never realized they were drinking club soda and wine.

Bennie died in 1979, but Norma was a force in the business until her death earlier this year. Yet she often went her own way. In 1985, she bought a red Mercedes and drove to Guatemala, where she worked for three years as a missionary. That same year, Bennie Ferrell Catering catered the opening of a children's home near Guatemala City, importing Texas barbecue for the occasion. Guatemalan President Alvaro Arzu attended the festivities.


Queen Sophia of Spain couldn’t have this favored recipe, but you can.

Marinated Shrimp
(hors d’oeurves for 20)

4 lbs. unpeeled jumbo shrimp (21/25 count)

1 qt. red wine vinegar
2 c. vegetable oil
1/3 c. Lowry’s Seasoning Salt
1/3 c. cracked black pepper
1 c. brown sugar

Place shrimp in boiling water and cook until just pink. Remove from water and cover with ice to prevent further cooking. Once the shrimp are cool, peel and devein them, leaving the tails on.

For the marinade, put the vinegar in a 2-quart mixing bowl and, very slowly, pour in oil, whisking constantly. Whisk in remaining marinade ingredients. 

Place shrimp in marinade, making sure the juice covers them. Marinate them for two to four hours. Remove from marinade and serve.


From Decidio.com


Who's Your Caterer? Bennie Ferrell Catering imagine the difference We are the original catering company of Houston founded in 1959. Passionately driven by our elite style and tradition of customer satisfaction, Bennie Ferrell Catering Company makes dreams come true all at of our events.


November 27th, 2009

From Chorn.com part of a Houston Chronicle Article



“For businesspeople, entertaining is part of their marketing. They have to do that to connect with their clients or employees,” said Renee Ferrell Sharp, a co-owner of Bennie Ferrell Catering. “We find that a lot of our clients are still having the events, and they're just scaling back.”

Even if companies have the money to spend, they are opting for subtlety, especially if they've made cuts in staffing.

“The voluptuous look is out. Gold lamé and a baroque look — that's passé,” Ferrell Sharp said. “That doesn't mean cheap, but it means politically correct. Even if you're spending a lot of money, you don't want to look like you are.”




Ferrell Release

Who’s Your Caterer?

      Bennie Ferrell Catering Company

                  Imagine the Difference


Houston’s Top Professional Caterer and Most Creative

                                                                  Since 1959


Bennie Ferrell Catering Company Corporate Background:

In Houston, when people ask who’s your caterer for any particular event, there is a certain amount of prestige that accompanies the mentioning of Bennie Ferrell Catering Company as the Caterer.  The elite nature of our service combined with great food is one of the reasons we have consecutively been ranked as a top caterer in Houston by the Houston Business Journal for over a decade, as well as being feature on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox 26 New, KPRH News, The Houston Chronicle and Houston Post.  We are regular exhibitors at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza and also featured in Houston Weddings Guild.   This Houston Catering Company is officially the original catering company in Houston and by far the longest withstanding to date.  We were founded in the City of Houston by Bennie Ferrell in 1959.  Now owned and operated by Cynthia Ferrell and Renee Ferrell, Bennie Ferrell Catering Company continues to raise standards and creativity in the Houston Catering Industry with innovative signature pieces and legendary food cooked from scratch at our commercial cooking facility.  For more information, please visit our main site at www.bennieferrell.com.


Bennie Ferrell Catering Company Clients:

From 10 guests to 10,000 guests, there is no other privately owned caterer with more experience and versatility then Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  Over its 50 years in Houston business, Bennie Ferrell Catering Company has catered well over 10,000 events in the City of Houston and the surrounding area from Downtown to the Galveston Bay.  We specialize in Corporate, Weddings, and Special Events.  With a client list ranging from ordinary people to President Lyndon B. Johnson, President George Bush, Mayor Lee Brown, Rick Perry, Ann Richards and other politicians to Lake Wood Church, Brook Hollow Church, Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Cosby,  Magic Johnson, Shaq, The Houston Superbowl MVP party, The Houston NBA All-star game VIP party and hundreds more; Bennie Ferrell Catering can cater a slew of events for top notch clients as well as corporate functions for Oil and Gas companies like ExxonMobil, Shell, and other large corporations.  We also cater smaller events and fast lunches for corporate meetings, company picnics and church functions.  For more information www.bennieferrell.com.


Bennie Ferrell Event Types:

Houston Corporate Event Catering, Houston Weddings, Houston Special Events, International Events, Boat Parties, Church Events, Houston Quinceaneras, Houston Bar Mitzvahs, Events requiring security clearances, Houston Cocktail Events, Houston School Events, Houston Banquet Hall Events, Company Picnics and more.  From local catering to having an event at a ranch or remote location, we can cater it all with complex yet seemingly effortless elegance.  Some of the facilities where our clients prefer our catering company are:  Paraiso Maravilla near the Galleria, The Parador near midtown, The Fontenot Grand Mansion in the Woodlands, Rice Crystal Ballroom downtown, City Hall, The M Bar downtown, Live Warehouse uptown, The Edwin Hornberger Conference Center, Magnolia Ballroom, Majestic Metro downtown Houston, Visions, Greenway Plaza, The Galleria and various other event venues in Houston and the surrounding areas.  For more information www.bennieferrell.com.



Bennie Ferrell Catering Company promise to clients:

We create what you want and we create what you’ve never dreamed before.  We put great efforts into making our customers satisfied no matter how small or large the event.  One of our longtime mottos is” Be a guest at your own party”.  We have clients that have booked parties from all the way in China, and didn’t see anything until the day their dream came true, that is the day of the event.  If any concern does come up during the setup or actual event, we do whatever possible to quickly resolve the issue without the guest even noticing what’s going on behind the scenes to make the event such a success.  For more information www.bennieferrell.com.



Bennie Ferrell Catering Company Sales:

For quotes or to speak with one of our sales professionals at Bennie Ferrell Catering please call 713-460-0480 or email info@bennieferrell.com .  Other information can be found on our website at www.bennieferrell.com.


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