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Houston Catering Company.com

Of Bennie Ferrell Catering

Houston’s Top Mobile Caterer Since 1959

Catered to multiple Presidents of the United States

We Cater Fabulous Events of various sizes and Budgets

Call now 832-202-7107 or Email: sales@houstoncateringcompany.com

HoustonCateringCompany.com, a Bennie Ferrell Mobile Quick fabulous catering department, yes we are Houston’s #1 mobile catering company and we welcome you… Now let your real catering decision take place… 

Your Friend wanted to share our website with you...
You can visit us at: www.HoustonCateringCompany.com  to see our catering line of delicious signature foods by Chef Cynthia, as well as the hottest catering and decorative trendsetting arrangements that you can buy.  We are owned by Houston Celebrity Chef Cynthia and Renee Ferrell.  We have hopes that you will hire us for your catering needs or buy our products to ship to your door.   We are the hottest catering company in the world, and we cook and market a wide variety of our signature foods and services with a menu that can be arranged to fit your budget.   

Along with our catering services, Chef Cynthia also provides Group Cooking Classes locally, nationwide, and worldwide.  She also provides Home & Commercial Decorating and Commercial Kitchen Design services.  Renee Ferrell Provides Bridal Coordination services for paying clients.

We also recommend our Tamale and Seasoning Salt Products.  Please contact us today for details at 832-202-7107 or sales@houstoncateringcompany.com

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Chef Cynthia & Family

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Bennie Ferrell Sales Office:

Sales Phone: 832-202-7107

Sales Email: sales@houstoncateringcompany.com  

Fax: 713-460-0175


Client Sales Location

Bennie Ferrell Catering Houston Sales

2425 West Loop South, Suite #200

Houston, TX 77027


Kitchen Production & Warehouse Address Location:
Bennie Ferrell Catering Houston Production
4141 Hollister

Houston, TX 77080

Production Phone: 832-202-7107

Fax: 713-460-0175

Email: chefcynthia@yahoo.com

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