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Chef Cynthia Seasoning

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Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell

Buy it Now!  For All Meats, Vegetables, Gumbo and many other foods...

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Now Available to Use in your home, business, restaurant & events to get Bennie Ferrell Catering Flavor in your food!!...

Buy it NOW online even before it is available in Stores!!  Order Online Below or Pay as you pick up at or Catering Company located at 4141 Hollister in Houston Texas.  Call 832-202-7107 to make a Seasoning Salt Quick Pick Up Appointment or for any clarifications.  Thanks for your business.  You Can Order Below:

Cynthia Ferrell Product Order List (OZ) Size   Cost
Chef Cynthia Ferrell Seasoning Salt 8 OZ $15.95
Chef Cynthia Ferrell Seasoning Salt 16 OZ $21.95
Chef Cynthia Ferrell Seasoning Salt 32 OZ $29.95

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