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Catering Definitions

Best Catering Definitions- HoustonCateringCompany.com Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell

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Catering Definitions

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Welcome to the Catering Definitions page of our website. Here you can browse some of the most common terms that we use in the catering industry. We also use this page to promote our catering services.  Thank you for shopping the services of HoustonCateringCompany.com, Houston’s Top Caterer.

ATTENTION: This material was composed by Catering experts at Bennie Ferrell Catering Distribution Company located in Houston Texas as a customer service feature for the purpose of educating and or updating our clients and the public about some of the most common Catering definitions as well as for the purpose of providing Catering details which may be used to promote, support and sell our products here in the U.S. and worldwide. All Bennie Ferrell Catering Terms and Definitions are correct to our best industry knowledge, yet Bennie Ferrell Catering claims no responsibility for the accuracy of these descriptions. Any copying or distribution of these definitions without the expressed written consent of and credit to HoustonCateringCompany.com is strictly prohibited by U.S. and international law. Thank you for your cooperation and for visiting our website. We hope that you find these industry Catering terms informative. These BennieFerrellCatering.com general terms will help you understand some of the terminology of the Catering industry.  Please enjoy:

Bennie Ferrell Catering Topics & Catering Definitions

Barbecue Catering Houston-  A term that most likely originated in the Caribbean when Spanish settlers noticed the native Carrabin’s cooking method of cooking meet slowly utilizing the smoke over wooden fire calling it Barbacoa.  Bennie Ferrell Catering is known for great American Cuisine, Texas Mexican Food, Asian Dishes, Great Italian Feasts and oh yes, absolutely some of the best Barbecue in Texas.  Make the right catering decision right now, Contract Bennie Ferrell Catering to book your next event.

Bartender Services- Bartender or Bartending Services include Bartenders, Bar Backs, Cocktail Waitresses, and Party Professionals.  Bennie Ferrell Catering offers many bartending and beverage service options.

HoustonCateringCompany.com- Houston's HoustonCateringCompany.com was founded by Bennie and Norma Ferrell in 1959 as Houston Original Mobile Catering Company serving good regular folks and companies to nationwide and international politicians, churches, businesses, celebrities and more.  From The River Oaks Country Club, to many Hotels in Houston, to the Shape Community Center, Lake Wood Church, and Tommy Hilfiger, Exxon, and thousands more; HoustonCateringCompany.com commands its own current and past History and legacy in the Houston Food & Catering Industry.

Bennie Ferrell Catering for Corporate Executives- HoustonCateringCompany.com has great deals on Executive Lunches in Houston, Business Dinners, and Team Building Projects.  Ask your sales rep for any current deals for corporate functions.

Bennie Ferrell- Founder and Chief Architect of the Idea of HoustonCateringCompany.com.  For more Bio information on Bennie Ferrell, see Bennie and Norma Famous Stories Page.


Caterer- Someone or Some Business that has a top priority of serving others and working to meet their wishes.  Top Houston Catering Company Bennie Ferrell is a most recommended affordable Caterer in Houston.


Catering at Houston facilities- Bennie Ferrell has catered for special events at thousands of Houston facilities, including employee events and weddings.  Contact us for more details.  We are a mobile caterer and we can make your home or business into a 5 star restaurant with our top catering services. 


Catering Company Standards- The basic standards of any caterer should be to make his or her clients wishes their top priority.  Anything paid for by the customer should be delivered.  For more information on our standards and services, go through our website including the home page of HoustonCateringCompany.com


Catering equipment & Supplies- There can be thousands of items used to equip caterers for the job at hand of client satisfaction.  In Houston and other areas around the nation, we provide the necessary equipment from the chafing dishes, tables, chairs, linens, serving stations and other items.  Contact one of our Bennie Ferrell Catering Specialist for more information.


Catering for small parties in the Houston area- Many times, the caterer must pay even more attention to all details when catering a small more intimate dinner or party versus a large catered function.  Bennie Ferrell caters large and small events.  That's why we created the phrase "all purpose caterer".  This is why our clients love to say my catering company is only Bennie Ferrell Catering.


Catering jobs Houston- Bennie Ferrell Catering offers the best catering jobs in Houston.  Those who have what it takes to work for our legendary catering company are encouraged to email their resume to info@bennieferrell.com or make an appointment to come buy our catering facility at 4141 Hollister in Houston, TX.


Catering Menu- We have client favorite specialties like our Texas Beef Tenderloin, Mexican Enchiladas, Marinated Shrimp, Fettuccini Triangles, Italian Pasta, Texas Barbecue, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chef Cynthia 24k Gold Truffles, and more.  Our full American and international menus are huge.   

Catering Services- Our catering Services include Top cuisine made at our well known Bennie Ferrell Houston Kitchen at 4141 Hollister.  We also provide wait staff, Houston Bartending Services, Valet Parking Services, Security Services in Houston, Houston Videographer, Houston Photography, Houston Rental Equipment, Tent rental and more.

Catering Trucks- We are Houston's Mobile Caterer.  We have the trucks needed to handle big Catering contracts in Houston and other areas in the nation.  We also utilize vans, cars and equipment to move and prepare the food properly for the client.

Chafing Dish- A chafing Dish is one of the most important items to our Bennie Ferrell Mobile Catering Company operations.  From the common gentlemen and lady to United States Presidents, many folks have been served from the chafing dishes of Bennie Ferrell.

China- For Fine Catering purposes, china is used to serve people at events where the host wants the most impressionable equipment that the culinary industry has to offer.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- Chocolate Covered Strawberries are one of our most loved dishes and most requested by our clients.  Bennie Ferrell Catering has been serving chocolate covered strawberries for decades.


Chocolate Fountain-  We provide Houston Chocolate Fountain Services to our clients in Houston and other places in the nation.  Contact us for our elaborate fountain service options.


Company Picnics- HoustonCateringCompany.com can give you a great deal on a company catered picnic.  If you want Barbecue, sandwiches, salad bars, drink options and more, please contact us. 


Complete Packages for Houston Weddings- Not only will you need food services for your wedding, you may also need some of our Houston parking service options, video & photog services, bridal coordinating services, Houston Limo Services, Make Up artist professionals and more.  Contact HoustonCateringCompany.com for more information for good deals on our services.


Contracts for Event Planning- Planning an Event can be a job in itself, that’s why we offer Bennie Ferrell Event Planning Services.  Contact our company for more information or ask for Renee.


Cooking Classes in Houston- Longtime Local and national Houston Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell offers cooking classes to individual groups and for corporate functions.  Contact Chef Cynthia for any cooking classes or media interest.


Copa Cabana- One of the newest little popular Houston area bars located downtown on main street.  Bennie Ferrell Catering supports the efforts of Copa Cabana providing an outlet for Houstonians to have a good time.  Bennie Ferrell watches Copa Cabana grow and get better as the years go by.  Kevin Ferrell Wright, son of Cynthia especially likes this downtown hangout, bar, and lounge.


Corporate Cooking Classes-  Corporate Team Building Cooking Classes are a great corporate outlet idea and great for company team building projects that may help a company, group or corporation increase profits.


Celebrity Cynthia Ferrell- Also known as Chef Cynthia.  1981 Business Graduate of The University of Houston Hotel and Restaurant Management School.  Longest withstanding Owner & Employee of HoustonCateringCompany.com.  Daughter or Bennie and Norma Ferrell.  Owner, President, & CEO of Bennie Ferrell Catering.  Local Houston Celebrity Chef known as "Chef Cynthia Ferrell" has been featured on CNN, NBC affiliates, Channel 2, the Houston Chronicle and other media.  She has catered to multiple Presidents of the U.S.  Philanthropist and Missionary.

Disaster Emergency Relief Catering-  Bennie Ferrell Catering is Houston's Mobile Catering Company that is willing to contribute during disasters.  Contact Us if you wish to hire a caterer to cater for emergency relief or government situations.  Service based on availability.   

Houston Event Planning- Many things must be considered when planning events in Houston or anywhere.  Event Planning can involve ones guest list, food catering, decor, staff, venue and more.  Your event checklist should start with the caterer.  Contact us for details.  Yes we plan and cater events of all sizes.

Exotic auto rentals Houston Weddings- Sometimes having a nice vintage or exotic automobile at a location can put a host and guests in awe.  You could feel like the Great Gatsby in a nice exotic automobile rented through one of our many contractors at Bennie Ferrell Catering.

Gold Rimmed Plates- Plates with a gold trim around the edges.  Many of our clients in Houston that like top presentation rent our china for their events which include gold rimmed plate packages.

Good Caterer- Bennie Ferrell Catering is the best All Purpose Mobile Catering Company in Houston.  We cater to our clients needs first, we have the best food, and we have the best culinary and decorated catering presentation.

Home interior decorating- Houston Chef Cynthia now also is in the Home Interior Decorating Business.  Working as a caterer for almost 50 years, Chef Cynthia can make your home or business look excellent and welcoming.

Houston Bridal Extravaganza- As one of the first caterers to participate in the show, Bennie Ferrell Catering has been a longtime participant of the Bridal Show in Houston known as The Bridal Extravaganza.  Many Houstonians consider Bennie Ferrell as the best caterer at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show.  This is where Brides, Brides Maids, Grooms, Mother of the Bride, Mothers of the Groom, Fathers, Families, Friends and others can enjoy the best of Houston for this industry.

Houston Business Journal- Houston Business Review Leader Paper and Online Magazine.  The Houston Business Journal for many years has rated Bennie Ferrell as a Top Caterer in Houston.


Houston catering trailer- We are Houston's Original Mobile Catering Company.  We could also offer catering trailers for rent and our catering services at your event if necessary.


Houston Wedding Vendors- We do our own various productions and also have vendors that we might contract to do something they may specialize in.  Wedding Vendors in Houston may include: Photographers in Houston, Houston Valet Parkers, Houston Mariachi Bands, Tables and Chairs of Houston and more.  Contact Bennie Ferrell Catering for deals and details on our many Wedding Vendor Services in Houston that we provide.


Interior decorating- Houston Interior decorating involves creating a unique, standout, big inviting environment for oneself or guest at a location.  Feng shui is the hottest most important topic in today's interior decorating.  Chef Cynthia Ferrell now has an interior decorating business.  Using her state of the art unique catering event production eye Clients will tell you that Cynthia Ferrell is one of the best interior decorators to hire.


Chef Cynthia Son-

Jason Wright- Heir to Bennie Ferrell Catering.  HoustonCateringCompany.com Operations Manager, Son of Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell. 


Kevin Ferrell Wright-

Marketing Mastermind of BennieFerrellCatering.com and HoustonCateringCompany.com.  Son of Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell Heir to Bennie Ferrell Catering.

Mobile Caterer- This term is used by Bennie Ferrell Catering meaning to produce events anywhere, at any time, by any means necessary whenever possible in order to satisfy the customer.  For example years ago Norma Ferrell & Cynthia Ferrell collaborated to cater to missionaries in the Amatitlan  mountains of Guatemala, and Guatemala City.  Another definition for Mobile catering  food through a mobile motor kitchen type of vehicle.

Norma Ferrell- Houston and Worldwide Philanthropist, Missionary, Legendary Houston Catering Businesswoman, and wife of Bennie Ferrell.  Norma Ferrell was part of the creation and reason for the success of Bennie Ferrell.  Norma retired and left the business to Cynthia Ferrell and her sister Renee Ferrell.  On one of her missionary escapades, for months Norma Ferrell took her grandchildren, brothers Jason Wright and Kevin Ferrell Wright, to Guatemala on one of her many trips there to attend school, play sports, and live in a missionary compound in order to show them the importance of giving to others.

Open House- Bennie Ferrell Catering has an open house for potential clients to have a chance to taste the best food that Houston has to offer.  Many times deals and commitments for weddings, private, social, corporate and political events.  Check HoustonCateringCompany.com or contact us for more catering open house details.  Book your event with Bennie Ferrell at one of our preferred facilities and you may receive discounts on Houston facilities for your event.

OTC- Offshore Technology Conference in Houston Texas.  We cater to many Oil and Gas Companies in Houston during the OTC technology conference usually located at the Reliant Arena.  If you are an Oil Company needing corporate catering in Houston, contact Bennie Ferrell now for a deal for your event.

Outdoor Weddings in Houston- Bennie Ferrell Outdoor Weddings are gorgeous.  Many times outdoor weddings can include a tent, nice outdoor wedding chairs, a beautiful red carpet walking rug and more.


Papa- Born in 1908 in New Orleans Louisiana Dempsey Parhms affectionately known as Papa by most, first honed his culinary skills as a navel chef during World War II.  Papa was honorably discharged and began to make his name as a Legendary River Oaks chef who believed in good food and good company as a key ingredient to a successful event.  He catered many successful corporate and private events in Houston since the Early 1940s for his various contract employers.  Papa became friends with President Lyndon B. Johnson and was a frequent hunting partner during wild game season.  Lady Bird Johnson (LBJ’s Wife) wrote a letter to Papa reading “Can’t wait to taste that good food in Houston in 1952”.  Papa's catering skills would become well recognized in Houston while he was a top chef for a River Oaks Oil Tycoon Mr. West and his wonderful legendary family.  Papa helped his Son-in-Law Bennie Ferrell married to daughter Norma design ingredients as he went on to get a job as a chauffeur with members of the River Oaks Country Club, and later start his own catering company now known as Bennie Ferrell Catering with operations out of Houston since the mid 1950’s.


Party Professional- Catering Industry Event Professionals also known as party workers.  Bennie Ferrell uses the term Party Professional to refer to catering wait staff.


Picnic food catering Houston Texas- Many of our clients that want picnics catered in Houston will order items off our Bennie Ferrell menu like, marinated shrimp and various fish, as well as bar-b-que, salads, and more.

Published Weddings in Houston Texas- You can have your wedding announced in the Houston Chronicle and other news media for brides and grooms who want their wedding to be announced with a big bang and a lot of exciting attention.

Renee Ferrell- Vice President Co-Owner of Bennie Ferrell Catering.  After multiple careers in New York, Renee came back to help her sister Cynthia run the catering company.  She also owns Brides by Renee, a successful bridal coordinating business.

Self Catering Packages By Bennie Ferrell Catering- Contact Bennie Ferrell Catering to purchase your self catering package.  Self catering is where you have all the food & equipment you need to make your event a big hit.  You can either pick up from our commercial kitchen, or have us simply deliver and or set up for your Houston event.  Contact Bennie Ferrell and ask about our self catering packages.


Special Event Catering- Special Events can be corporate functions, bid club parties, and almost any event that requires catering and special themes/purposes including weddings and other Bennie Ferrell events like the Super Bowl NFL Players Gala downtown, Presidential convention hosted in Houston, Lakewood Church Dinners, Magic Johnson Theatre Open House and many more.


Sterno- Lit Fire wicks that Bennie Ferrell Catering uses as the source of heat for client dishes in our mobile catering business.  We have used Sterno for many decades in Houston.


The Houston Chronicle- Newspapers that follows Houston News, Business, and Events.  Bennie Ferrell Catering Supports the Houston Chronicle, and the Chronicle website Chron.com


Uncle Optimization or UncleOptimization.com- Owned by Kevin Ferrell Wright helps with website development for various industries.


Wedding catering- Wedding caterers must be the most professional and considerate.  Weddings are in many ways the most important day of a person's life, thus the caterer must be on top of every part of the big event and be extra sensitive to the wishes of the guest.  Bennie Ferrell Catering is a top wedding caterer in Houston.


Wedding Coordinator-  Brides by Renee is owned by Bennie Ferrell Catering Vice President and Co-Owner Renee Ferrell.  When you are getting married, you may not want to do it all yourself, you may need a wedding coordinator in Houston.  Contact Brides by Renee for your Houston Wedding Coordinating needs.


Wedding equipment rentals- When renting wedding equipment from us in Houston should consider the following items: Dance Floor, Tables & Chairs, Cappuccino Machine Rental Equipment, Plates, Glasses & China, Chocolate Fountains, Houston Light Show Rental Equipment and more.  Contact our Bennie Ferrell Sales Team for more information.


Wedding gown rentals- David's Bridal in Houston Texas, are a great source of wedding gowns.  You can ask them about wedding gown information.


Wedding linen rentals-  In Houston we love our extravagant Linens.  Linens include dressing for the chairs, table, buffet, bars and more.  We have the resources to handle all of your Houston party linen rental needs.


Wedding table and chair rentals- Bennie Ferrell catering has the resources to provide you with the best table and chair selections available in the Houston Catering industry.  Contact us for details.

Wedding tent rentals- We rent all types of equipment to our clients including tents.  Tents are a great option for outdoor or themed weddings.  We can cater an event for Houston Clients in a one or two story tent.

Weddings in Houston-  Houston Texas is one of the most influential and successful cities in America.  Bennie Ferrell Weddings in Houston Texas are usually Big, Elegant, Fabulous & Affordable.  Contact us today for wedding catering details.

What is a Bad Caterer, Restaurant or Food Service Provider- A good caterer is HoustonCateringCompany.com.  Hire us and you would receive the following: 5 star service, the best fine foods in Texas, professional wait staff, the most knowledgeable caterer, a caterer with unparalleled mobile event capabilities, many venues to choose from.  There are many bad caterers, a bad caterer would be any catering company that offers the opposite of the Bennie Ferrell Services mentioned above.

Yacht Weddings in the Houston area- There are many Lakes where you can have your wedding or corporate event catered by Bennie Ferrell Catering on a Party Yacht.

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