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Kevin Ferrell Wright is the head of the Ferrell Family in many business regards and he and his brother Jason are the aires to Bennie Ferrell Catering run by their mother for the most of her life.  His group is:

Kevin Ferrell Wright Group:

HoustonCateringCompany.com- Quick Catering Company, fancy with great prices and connections of venues
FerrellWatches.com- Discount Diamond Wholeseller: Diamond Watches, Diamond Engagement rings & Jewelry
StompMasters.com- Step Show Advertising Company
BossOptimization.com- Discount Used Cars for sale in Houston & online
BennieFerrell.com- Family Catering Company owned by Cynthia Ferrell
FerrellFam.com- Ferrell Family Website in Development

Our Houston Catering Company Website presents Ferrell Resources in order to provide our clients with information on companies, organizations, websites and other information that we choose to support or may be affiliated with.  Welcome to the HoustonCateringCompany.com "Web Resources" page. This section was created by Kevin Ferrell Wright of BennieFerrellCatering.com so that our internet shoppers can not only purchase our great catering services and products, but can also add these links to their resources for useful information.

Notes: Only some of these companies, people or organizations have actual or direct business ties to Bennie Ferrell Catering. HoustonCateringCompany.com holds no responsibility for the safety, content, accuracy or representation of any of these links or descriptions. Should any of our shoppers feel that any of the below links are in bad taste or contain inappropriate content, please contact us at info@BennieFerrell.com and we will review the matter and make a decision at our sole discretion. Any link or description listed on this page is only a food or event production company referral and not necessarily the expressed opinion of BennieFerrellCatering.com.  Some of this information will seem random, but it’s here if you want it.  Contact Bennie Ferrell Catering if you need use to cater for you or to buy our products worldwide.

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Fashion Resources:

Ferrell Watches: www.FerrellWatches.com

BennieFerrellCatering.com: www.BennieFerrellCatering.com

Fashion TV: http://www.ftv.com/online/page.php?P=1879

Express Fashion: www.expressfashion.com

Style Tips 101: http://styletips101.com/

Gucci Designer: www.gucci.com

About Fashion: www.fashion.about.com

Hub Pages: http://hubpages.com/hub/Fashion

IC TV 1: www.ictv1.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Search Engine Resources:

Yahoo.com: www.yahoo.com

Google.com: www.google.com

MSN.com: www.msn.com

Ask.com: www.ask.com

Aol.com: www.aol.com

Yahoo Answers: www.answers.yahoo.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com News/Media and Communication Resources:

CNN: www.cnn.com

Fox News: www.foxnews.com

Fox 26 News: www.myfoxhouston.com

Houston Channel 2 News: www.click2houston.com

The Wall Street Journal: www.wallstreetjournal.com

The Houston Business Journal: www.houston.bizjournals.com

FKM Houston Advertising Agency: http://www.fkmagency.com

Houston Web Source Only in Houston: www.onlyinhouston.org

Boston Globe: www.bostonglobe.com

New York Times: www.nytimes.com

Yahoo News: www.news.yahoo.com

MTV: www.mtv.com

BET: www.bet.com

Life Style Magazine: www.lifestylemagazineinc.com

ESPN: www.espn.com

BBC News: www.bbc.com

The Houston Chronicle: www.chron.com

AccuWeather: www.accuweather.com

DirectTV: www.directv.com

Sirus Sattlight Radio: www.serioussattlightradio.com

XM Satelligt Radio: www.XMsattleightradio.com

Viacom Media Group: www.viacom.com

Virgin Records: www.virginrecords.com

XXL Magazine: www.xxlmag.com

Reader Feed Show: www.reader.feedshow.com

Vibe Magazine: www.vibe.com

Houston’s Party Source: www.indmix.com

Rolling Stone Magazine: www.rollingstone.com

Ebony Jet Magazine: www.ebonyjet.com

Seventeen Magazine: www.seventeen.com

All Movie Portal: www.allmovieportal.com

Source Magazine: www.thesource.com

Oprah Winfrey: www.oprah.com

Aviator Information: www.miramax.com/aviator

NASA Space Station: www.nasa.gov

OMG Yahoo Entertainment: www.omg.yahoo.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Associated Resources:

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Catering Company:
Bennie Ferrell Catering Company International. Houston's Top Caterer & Event Production Professionals. 50 years of creating extravagant events for celebrity, presidential, and international delegates. Visit the official Bennie Ferrell Catering Website at www.BennieFerrell.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Celebrity Chef:
Cynthia Ferrell. The daughter of famed "Bennie Ferrell" from the Bennie Ferrell Catering Company is BennieFerrellCatering.com' #1 American Chef. A graduate of The University of Houston's prestigious Hotel and Restaurant Management College, Cynthia has more than 25 years of entertaining the best of the world and "who's who" of America. She has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, The Houston Chronicle, and most other Houston local media. Ferrell has catered for various U.S. Presidents, International Delegates, Celebrities and organizations such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Cosby, and The National Football League. Call Bennie Ferrell Catering at 713.460.0480 or email chefcynthia@yahoo.com for information about catered event booking and live cooking demonstrations by Cynthia Ferrell. Also visit the Official Bennie Ferrell Catering Website at www.BennieFerrell.com


Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Travel Resources:

Kayak: www.kayak.com

Virgin Airways: www.virgin.com

Southwest Airlines: www.southwestairlines.com

Continental Airlines: www.continental.com

British Airways: www.britishairways.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Politian’s:

Lee P. Brown: www.bgi-intl.com

Barrack Obama: www.barackobama.com

Sheila Jackson Lee: http://www.jacksonlee.house.gov/

Hilary Clinton: www.hillaryclinton.com

George Bush Senior: www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/georgehwbush

John McCain: www.JohnMcCain.com

More Political Information: www.politico.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com supported Celebrities, Artist and Groups:

Tommy Hilfiger, Buddy Adams, Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson, Brovo Television. Beyonce’, Shakira, Tim Mcgraw, Denzel Washington, Fergie, Janet Jackson, Zee Zee Top.

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Sports Resources:

The National Football League: www.nfl.com

The National Basketball League: www.nba.com

The U.S. Soccer Website: www.ussoccer.com

Mark Cuban the Owner: www.markcuban.com

American Lacrosse: www.lacrosse.org

Aviator Sports Website: www.masportaviator.com

Houston Rockets: www.nba.com/rockets

Houston Astros: www.houston.astros.mlb.com

Houston Texans: www.houstontexans.com

Top BennieFerrellCatering.com Other Resources:

Motorola: www.motorola.com

T-Mobile: www.t-mobile.com

Sprint: www.sprint.com

Verizon: www.verizonwireless.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com

Drake University: www.drake.edu

MySpace: www.myspace.com

Face Book: www.facebook.com

Houston Bridal Extravaganza: www.bridalextravaganzashow.com

City Rite Houston Real Estate Inspections: www.cityriteinspections.com

De Beers: www.debeers.com

Victoriasecret.com: www.victoriassecret.com

Renterprise: www.Renterprises.net

Starbuck Coffee: www.starbucks.com

Reynos Aviva: www.reynosaviva.com


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