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A Bennie Ferrell Quick Catering Department

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 Houston Catering Company & Bennie Ferrell Philosophical Works & Overview: Hello potential client, can we earn your business today?  We cook, sell and serve the best Foods including Houston Fine American and International Cuisine secret recipes indulged by clients ranging from United States Presidents, billionaire business people and average earning folks.  We also have decades of History and future plans to continue serving the Homeless in the U.S. as well as wonderful Guatemalan, African, & Asian Children’s Missionary Ministries worldwide. 

Do you know who the current longest withstanding family owned mobile caterer in Houston is?  When someone ask Who’s Your Caterer can you say HoustonCateringCompany.com of Bennie Ferrell? This About Us page is designed to give you a clear understanding of what we are about and some information on our over 7 decade family/business history and clarify what we stand for.  Collectively over the years, we have donated millions in dollars, foods, goods and services to Houstonians, churches, people, Businesses and organizations locally and around the world.  We believe in good business at reasonable market cost to all customers.  The approval stamp of Bennie Ferrell Catering means the stamp of good wholesome classic and new style American and International Cuisine much of which are designed by Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell son of Bennie.  We do our best to work with budgets.  We’ll try to make this page short and interesting for you; we really want you to know that we look forward and appreciate your business.  We believe in an anti-snooty catering company philosophy… Why do we do this?  Because we are the Godfather, Source, and standard of the epitome of a classic, reasonable, fine dinning Houston Caterer of Choice.   Thus we always keep our clients dreams as top priority.  Please feel free to read other interesting details about our company provided below, or call us now to book at 832-202-7107.

Current Catering In Focus: Welcome to HoustonCateringCompany.com of Bennie Ferrell.  We have been catering big and small events in Houston for over a half century.  In more ways than one, we are the most powerful name in Houston Catering.  We are privately and independently owned by Chef Cynthia Ferrell and Renee Ferrell.  We are officially recorded to be founded by Norma and Bennie Ferrell in 1959.  Some of our recipes were created by our beloved Papa also known as Dempsey Parhms; the father of Norma Ferrell and one of the first black real estate developers in Houston.  Papas Recipes were also used in the United State Navy During World War II.  Most of our website developments have been influenced by who we consider as the best search engine optimization expert in the world, Mr. Kevin Ferrell Wright, son of Cynthia, Nephew of Renee and brother of Jason Wright, who also has big influence in the company. 

Catering Staff & Extra Stuff: We train to make sure that our wait staff is great and flawless as possible.  We are a trusted Houston Catering Company that caters in thousands of homes and businesses to millions worldwide.  Bennie Ferrell Catering is Houston’s Fine Dining Buffet and Seated Dinner Mobile Caterer.  If your facility doesn’t allow outside catering, tell them to get lost, you want the best caterer first, and go to one of the many thousands of fabulous facilities that will give you a cheaper rate and allow your event to be part of the legacy of Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  You can find us on Google and Yahoo Searches for Houston Catering.  Don’t be fooled by new imitation catering companies that are dishonest, book the best caterer for your event.

Call now 832-202-7107 or Email: sales@HoustonCateringCompany.com

Bennie Ferrell Catering has many relationships in the Catering Industry and has a client list that we view as exclusive as the Oscars (so the legend says).  We are the best catering company in the Houston Catering Industry.  We cater great deals for poor, rich, and middle class folks all the time.  We want your business.  Pleas call us now 713-550-7774.    

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About Us HoustonCateringCompany.com

A Bennie Ferrell Quick Catering Department

Call now 713-550-7774 or Email: sales@HoustonCateringCompany.com

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