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See Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell, U of H Alum graduate of Hilton Hotel and Restaurant Management Cooking Show video Below:
Comcast Channel 43- Chef Cynthia- Eat, Love, Live
Producer Preston Middleton of Texas Southern University, Youtube.com

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The long Time Houston Navy War Legend Papa, father of Norma Ferrell of Bennie Ferrell CateringCelebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell & Mrs. Minnie Pearl the LegendBill Cosby hanging with Renee Ferrell of Bennie Ferrell Catering Company
Houston Caterer Bennie Ferrell with Norma Ferrell and Cook in Houston Commercial Kitchen of Bennie F
Chef Cynthia Greets The Bridal Extravaganza Owner @ Bennie Ferrell Party in Houston 50th anniversary

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a Chef Cynthia Ferrell Quick Catering Department of Bennie Ferrell Catering est. 1959

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We love all of our clients from all socioeconomic backgrounds & Cultures.  Many caterers are too expensive, and have nasty food and unprofessional or under qualified staff.  Houston’s Bennie Ferrell has a secret for you… You Don’t Have to be Rich to have the best caterer in the world with the best food at your event to cater to you and capture the amazement of your guest or audience making you the King or Queen of the night.  Make no mistake about it, a lot of folks will tell you that Bennie Ferrell Catering company is in many ways the #1 catering company in the World and has been for more than 50 years for people on all economical levels.  Many people rate our food as the best in Texas and the United States of America.  We also aren’t afraid to do something that many Houston caterers wont do…TRY TO WORK WITH YOUR BUDGET!!!  Please feel free to view our website, and contact us at 832-202-7107 with any questions or to book a caterer now.  Cynthia, Renee and the others would love to do business with you by way of Houston’s Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  Come on, don’t wait, let Bennie Ferrell Catering put the mojo in your catered event.

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Clients include decades of multiple United States Presidents, Brides, Businesses, and people like you looking for great food, service, history, and value.

Are you a Houston Wedding Facility, business building management company or vendor wanting to use HoustonCateringCompany.com to cater parties at your banquet hall or facility?  Contact Us now, We’ll Talk and work out a deal today! 832-202-7107 or sales@HoustonCateringCompany.com.

Major Props to our Website Catering Clients:

Hello current and potential clients, thanks for your interest in the quick catering department of the most legendary catering company that Houston has to offer, welcome to HoustonCateringCompany.com ‘s official Website.  Houston Texas Catering Company Customer Alert: Dear Potential Customers please don’t be fooled by imitation catering websites or ideas stolen by others that originate from BennieFerrell.com.  You know who your real catering company is in Houston.  Unfortunately we have caught and threatened legal action against a catering company in Houston and one in UK London for plagiarizing our famous website.  Just a heads up; now back to our client business… 

You want your catered event to be innovative & perfect; you want your food to be unmatched in great taste via legendary caterer Bennie Ferrell; you want your event to be part of a Houston Catering Legacy.  Whether a formal business meeting, or hot party extravaganza, your party will pop and be a big hit with your guests if you hire us for the job.   No other caterer can match our top Houston Catering Company with reference to Style, History, Food, and Top new culinary architectural game-changing designs, ingredients and Services created by Houston’s Celebrity Chef Cynthia Ferrell.  We would like to cater your wedding, corporate, public or private event.  Did you find us by the Worlds most powerful Search Engine Google, or our informative friend Yahoo; what about catering searches on MSN, ASK.com, Bing.com or others?  Perhaps you are just in the Texas know, and you know the Real most powerful name in the world of Houston Local Catering for over 50 years strong.  Now we continue to command increased catering exposure to our clients worldwide.  From Wine and Cheese social catered events to Houston Christmas or Holiday Party catering, we can do it all. 

Now we have a special website promotion for you… Please enjoy the Houston Catering Discount coupon deal listed below, when you Book Your Next Event with Bennie Ferrell Catering Company.  Call Us at 832-202-7107 for more details on this event.  This discount offer is good while the coupon is visible on our most current website.   You will receive $50 off your total catering price for food orders over $500 when you mention our website’s Who’s your Caterer 50- 4 -50 Promotion at the beginning of any correspondence with our catering company.  From the family of Norma & Bennie Ferrell, Cynthia, Kevin, Jason & Renee, thanks for allowing us to Hook you up with the best 5 star catering service in Houston known by clients locally and all over the world as the most powerful name in Houston Catering..  Great Value, great food, and #1 Client Satisfaction is what keeps Bennie Ferrell Food and Services at the top of the menu for millions worldwide.  Please contact us at 832-202-7107 to book or for more information and enjoy our website.

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                  Special Company Information:

Bennie Ferrell Catering was Founded in 1959 by top Houston Caterer Bennie Ferrell and his wife Norma Ferrell.  Catering Grandson and Chef Cynthia came up with the idea of HoustonCateringCompany.com a Bennie Ferrell Department.  Bennie Ferrell Catering is known as Houston’s Original Caterer and now the Catering Company is one of the largest and most requested Catering Companies in Houston and the surrounding areas.  The company was handed down to and is now lead by owners Cynthia Ferrell and later Cynthia Partnered with sister Renee Ferrell as the Company continues to set standards for Houston catering companies and the United States of America catering industry.

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or Email: sales@HoustonCateringCompany.com

What we do:

HoustonCateringCompany.com created the term all purpose catering.  We Cook our food at our large Commercial Kitchen near our warehouse and central production office located at 4141 Hollister, Houston Texas 77080 (please see Bennie Ferrell Catering on Google Maps to see our legitimate operation).  We are Houston’s Truly Mobile Caterer; we will go into your home and decorate it to a quick and extravagant level that you’ve never imagined.  When asked about regular old cookie cutter style Houston catering, Like The New Orleans Saints term, it makes us ask Who dat?  HoustonCateringCompany.com knows nothing about mediocrity catering as we want your event to be the bomb with a reasonable budget. 

We specialize in large and small events in Houston including these memorable events:

The Official Houston 2004 Super Bowl and NFL MVP Players Bash:  This was a very live event that took place in Downtown Houston on Superbowl Day and Night.  Bennie Ferrell Catering Company has supported the efforts of the National Football League since Bud Adams and the Houston Oilers, and current events surrounded by the beloved Texas sport.  Cynthia Ferrell Sons Jason and Kevin Ferrell Wright especially enjoyed the MVP Players Bash at the Mbar on main street.  It was fun, I saw my mom put a real frozen blown up super bowl ticket in an ice carving; to my knowledge, this had never been done before.  That’s what makes our Ferrell style so innovative and attractive, and my mom Cynthia is the catalyst for that. –Kevin Ferrell Wright.

We have also catered to the following folks & industries: The National Football League Official Super Bowl Parties, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger Houston Fragrance launch party, Lydon B. Johnson, Bill Cosby, Mayor Lee Brown, Magic Johnson Theater Grand Opening, George Bush, MVP Parties for NBA Players, The Queen of Spain, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Company Picnics, Oil & Gas Industry Events, The Houston Bridal Extravaganza, Anniversary Parties, Church Functions, and Banquette Hall Events.

You want your event to be the best, when people ask you who’s your caterer? You want to respond with my catering company is Bennie Ferrell Catering or HoustonCateringCompany.com; if they know quality, this will go without explanation and they will be impressed.  Known especially for its professional staff, delicious foods and full catering services, as well as an overriding customer satisfaction, this most exclusive Houston Catering Company specializes in a variety of gourmet and international cuisines. Some specialties include pecan smoked beef tenderloin, marinated shrimp, and many other still closely-guarded family secret recipes. The company owner Cynthia Ferrell has also developed a trademark chocolate truffle with 24-karat gold that has been featured television, newspapers and magazines across the nation as well as a seasoning salt that is in demand nation-wide.

 Call now 832-202-7107 or Email: sales@HoustonCateringCompany.com

In addition to extraordinary food services, Bennie Ferrell Catering Company also specializes in theme parties, handling many other arrangements in Houston such as entertainment, props, decorations, flowers, valet parking, etc., for its clients. With customers ranging from United States Presidents, to various celebrities and international figure heads, our catering company always provides whatever necessary in order that all of our clients feel comfortable and secure.  Our most special cherished events are of course our weddings in Houston.  Bennie Ferrell Catering will help gather your thoughts and dreams and guild you through the process of your perfect wedding or special event. 

Like before, this Houston catering company has been highlighted multiple times by The Houston Business Journal as being one of the top catering companies in Houston. The Bennie Ferrell Houston catering company caters from small intimate parties to large events for more than 10,000 people, including weddings, conventions, fundraising events, banquets, social parties, corporate parties and special events such as Houston Quinceanera catering.

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